C++ vs Rust: which is faster?

I ported some Advent of Code solutions from C/C++ to Rust, and used the opportunity to compare performance. When I couldn't explain why they performed differently, I had no choice but to disassemble both and look at what the codegen was like!

00:00 What is Advent of Code?
00:48 Python vs Rust
01:19 Interpreters vs JITs
03:03 Buffered I/O
04:27 Day 18 Benchmarks
05:00 How does the code feel?
06:49 Day 19 Benchmarks
07:17 Profiling, disassembling & decompiling
08:14 x86 assembly crash course
12:44 Suddenly SIMD
15:52 Day 19 mystery solved
16:40 Register allocation is hard
18:08 Switching calling conventions
18:31 2x3 != 3x2
19:12 Thanks & sponsored segment

Rust & C++ sources for day 19: https://gist.github.com/fasterthanlime/b2e261c3d1492171d6a46edf620a0728

Speculation in JavaScriptCore: https://webkit.org/blog/10308/speculation-in-javascriptcore/

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