Hi! I'm Amos. I make long articles and videos about how computers work — well, how they sometimes work. My content is long-form, didactic and exploratory, and often an excuse to teach Rust.

As of November 2022, I rely on donations to do this full-time.

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EuroRust welcomes independent workers (updated)

TL;DR I purchased individual tickets for EuroRust and added my VAT number, so it could be a tax-deductible expense for me as an independent worker.

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Face cams: the missing guide

I try to avoid doing "meta" / "behind the scenes" stuff, because I usually feel like it has to be "earned". How many YouTube channels are channels about making YouTube videos? Too many.

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Just paying Figma $15/month because nothing else fucking works

My family wasn't poor by any stretch of the imagination, but I was raised to avoid spending money whenever possible.

I was also taught "it's a poor craftsman that blames their tools", which apparently means "take responsibility for your fuckups", but, to young-me, definitely sounded more like "you don't deserve nice things".

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Building a Rust service with Nix

I often give bits and pieces of advice on how to build Rust stuff the comfy way. But it can be hard to see how everything comes together, especially when it comes to, say, deploying a web service in production.

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Advent of Code 2022

Let's use the Advent of Code 2022, a series of programming challenges of increasing difficulty, to learn more about the Rust programming language.

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