Hi! I'm Amos. I make long articles and videos about how computers work — well, how they sometimes work. My content is long-form, didactic and exploratory, and I often find a way to talk about Rust.

I owe a debt of gratitude to every one of my patrons, without whom none of this content would exist. Y'all are the best. Let's keep learning stuff together.

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Getting good at SNES games through DLL injection

Are you ever confronted with a problem and then think to yourself "wait a minute, I know how to code?" — that's exactly what happened there.

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June 2022

Remote development with Rust on fly.io
Disclosure: At the time of this writing, I benefit from the fly.io "Employee Free Tier". I don't pay for side projects hosted there "within reasonable limits". The project discussed here qualifies for that.

Why you might want a remote dev environment

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The curse of strong typing

It happened when I least expected it.

Someone, somewhere (above me, presumably) made a decision. "From now on", they declared, "all our new stuff must be written in Rust".

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May 2022

I won free load testing

Long story short: a couple of my articles got really popular on a bunch of sites, and someone, somewhere, went "well, let's see how much traffic that smart-ass can handle", and suddenly I was on the receiving end of a couple DDoS attacks.

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Latest series

December 2021

Don't shell out!

In this series, I change a critical component of this website's asset pipeline from "just calling a bunch of external tools" to statically linking with everything I need to process assets. It involves autoconf, CMake, Meson, CI, pkg-config, and some code crimes.

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February 2021

Making our own executable packer

In this series, we'll attempt to understand how Linux executables are organized, how they are executed, and how to make a program that takes an executable fresh off the linker and compresses it - just because we can.

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