Building a Rust service with Nix complete

I often give bits and pieces of advice on how to build Rust stuff the comfy way. But it can be hard to see how everything comes together, especially when it comes to, say, deploying a web service in production.

So, let's start from the very beginning (setting up a Linux VM), and march together towards the objective: a production-grade Rust web service, built with Nix.

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Series overview

1. Setting up a local Ubuntu Server VM
2. Developing over SSH
3. Printing ASCII cats to the terminal
4. Serving ASCII cats over HTTP
5. Writing a Dockerfile for catscii
6. Deploying catscii to
7. Using the Shipyard private crate registry with Docker
8. Doing geo-location and keeping analytics
9. Learning Nix from the bottom up
10. Making a dev shell with nix flakes
11. Generating a docker image with nix
12. Extra credit

This series is complete.