Articles are single-page pieces that give a whirlwind tour of a specific topic.

They're different from series, which go very in-depth, taking many detours.

April 2024

EuroRust welcomes independent workers (updated)

TL;DR I purchased individual tickets for EuroRust and added my VAT number, so it could be a tax-deductible expense for me as an independent worker.

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March 2024

Face cams: the missing guide

I try to avoid doing "meta" / "behind the scenes" stuff, because I usually feel like it has to be "earned". How many YouTube channels are channels about making YouTube videos? Too many.

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October 2023

Just paying Figma $15/month because nothing else fucking works

My family wasn't poor by any stretch of the imagination, but I was raised to avoid spending money whenever possible.

I was also taught "it's a poor craftsman that blames their tools", which apparently means "take responsibility for your fuckups", but, to young-me, definitely sounded more like "you don't deserve nice things".

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July 2023

Cracking Electron apps open

I use the desktop app to make diagrams for my website. I run it on an actual desktop, like Windows or macOS, but the asset pipeline that converts .drawio files, to .pdf, to .svg, and then to .svg again (but smaller) runs on Linux.

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May 2023

The RustConf Keynote Fiasco, explained

Disclosure: At some point in this article, I discuss The Rust Foundation. I have received a $5000 grant from them in 2023 for making educational articles and videos about Rust.

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Rust: The wrong people are resigning

(Note: this was originally posted as a gist)

Reassuring myself about Rust

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February 2023

The bottom emoji breaks rust-analyzer

Some bugs are merely fun. Others are simply delicious!

Today's pick is the latter.

Reproducing the issue, part 1

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January 2023

Twitch fell behind

So you want to do live streams. Are you sure? Okay. Let's talk about it.

Let's talk numbers

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November 2022

Becoming fasterthanlime full-time

As of today, I am no longer employed by

We're both very sad, and we've promised to stay friends and send postcards to each other over winter break. (I'm excited, too — Annie makes great postcards)

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October 2022

The HTTP crash course nobody asked for

HTTP does a pretty good job staying out of everyone's way.

If you're reading this article, there's a solid chance it was delivered to you over HTTP. Even if you're reading this from an RSS reader or something. And you didn't even have to think about it!

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