Articles are single-page pieces that give a whirlwind tour of a specific topic.

They're different from series, which go very in-depth, taking many detours.

September 2019

Declarative memory management

It feels like an eternity since I've started using Rust, and yet I remember vividly what it felt like to bang my head against the borrow checker for the first few times.

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August 2019

Huffman 101

Let's play a game: your objective is to guess a word, but you can only ask yes or no questions. You should also aim to ask as few questions as possible.

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And now for a bit of an announcement

Hey all, thanks for checking in!

After much soul searching, I have arrived to the following conclusion:

  • Teaching folks about stuff is my jam.
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July 2019

Rust modules vs files

A while back, I asked on Twitter what people found confusing in Rust, and one of the top topics was "how the module system maps to files".

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May 2019

Celebrating Mario Maker

I've been watching a lot of Super Mario Maker videos this past month. Probably a hundred hours! This game is like a world onto itself, and it was fascinating to learn its design language and patterns.

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Rust generics vs Java generics

In my previous article, I said I needed to stop thinking of Rust generics as Java generics, because in Rust, generic types are erased.

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Recursive iterators in Rust

I've been looking for this blog post everywhere, but it doesn't exist, so I guess it's my turn to write about Some Fun with Rust.

The task at hand

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April 2019

Ludum Dare 44 post-mortem

So, I tried doing Ludum Dare 44, and I gave up on it, and I feel like absolute crap so I'm going to attempt to write these feelings away in a celebratory post-mortem "I failed!" post.

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December 2018

2018 Retrospective

The year is drawing to a close, and I'm going off on a much-needed holiday next week. This seems like a good time to look back at the past twelve months!

I can't believe that shipped

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July 2018

Remembering the departed

In April of 2012, I wrote a few paragraphs about suicide.

I still get regular e-mails about it, from folks who are currently struggling. They often ask if I've written anything else about the subject. They often thank me for writing it, or say it helped them in some way.

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