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Day 14 (Advent of Code 2020)

It's time for the Day 14 problem!

After the hassle that was Day 13, I hope this time we'll have a relatively chill time. And, at least for Part 1, that is true.

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Day 13 (Advent of Code 2020)

In the Day 13 problem, we're trying to take the bus.

Our input looks like this:

939 7,13,x,x,59,x,31,19

The first line indicates the earliest minute we can leave from the bus terminal, and the second line indicates the "identifier" of the buses that are active.

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Day 12 (Advent of Code 2020)

Time for the Day 12 problem!

In this problem, we have a ship. And we have navigation instructions:

  • Action N means to move north by the given value.
  • Action S means to move south by the given value.
  • Action E means to move east by the given value.
  • Action W means to move west by the given value.
  • Action L means to turn left the given number of degrees.
  • Action R means to turn right the given number of degrees.
  • Action F means to move forward by the given value in the direction the ship is currently facing.
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Day 11 (Advent of Code 2020)

Another day, another problem.

This time the problem looks suspiciously like Conway's Game of Life, or, I guess, any old Cellular automaton.

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Day 10 (Advent of Code 2020)

Day, 10! Day, 10!

Okay, Day 10.

Again, the problem statement is very confusing - but what it all boils down to is this. We have a list of numbers:

16 10 15 5 1 11 7 19 6 12 4
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Day 9 (Advent of Code 2020)

Day 9's problem statement is convoluted - the "ah maybe that's why I don't usually do Advent of Code" kind of convoluted, but let's give it a go anyway.

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Day 8 (Advent of Code 2020)

Time for another Advent of Code 2020 problem!

That one sounds like it's going to be fun. Our input is pretty much assembly, like this:

nop +0 acc +1 jmp +4 acc +3 jmp -3 acc -99 acc +1 jmp -4 acc +6
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Day 7 (Advent of Code 2020)

Another day, another Advent of Code 2020 problem.

That one seems fun! For some nerdy values of fun.

Our input is a set of rules:

light red bags contain 1 bright white bag, 2 muted yellow bags. dark orange bags contain 3 bright white bags, 4 muted yellow bags. bright white bags contain 1 shiny gold bag. muted yellow bags contain 2 shiny gold bags, 9 faded blue bags. shiny gold bags contain 1 dark olive bag, 2 vibrant plum bags. dark olive bags contain 3 faded blue bags, 4 dotted black bags. vibrant plum bags contain 5 faded blue bags, 6 dotted black bags. faded blue bags contain no other bags. dotted black bags contain no other bags.
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Day 6 (Advent of Code 2020)

The end of Advent of Code 2020 is fast approaching, and we're nowhere near done. Time to do Day 6!

The problem statement here is a little contrived, as uh, as the days that came before it, but that won't stop us.

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Day 5 (Advent of Code 2020)

Time for another day of Advent of Code 2020.

For Day 5, we're going to have to do...

Let me guess: more parsing?

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Day 4 (Advent of Code 2020)

It's time for Day 4 of the Advent of Code 2020!

Now, I've already had a look at the problem statement, at least for part 1, and I'm not particularly excited.

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Day 3 (Advent of Code 2020)

Hello all, and welcome back to Advent of Code 2020, featuring Cool Bear.

Hey y'all!

Let's get right to it.

The problem statement for Day 3 is as follows: we're given a map, that looks like this:

..##....... #...#...#.. .#....#..#. ..#.#...#.# .#...##..#. ..#.##..... .#.#.#....# .#........# #.##...#... #...##....# .#..#...#.#
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Day 2 (Advent of Code 2020)

Day 2, Day 2! Woo!

The Advent of Code 2020, Day 2 problem talks about passwords. Sounds familiar.

Basically, our input looks like this:

1-3 a: abcde 1-3 b: cdefg 2-9 c: ccccccccc
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Day 1 (Advent of Code 2020)

I was not planning on doing anything specific this December, but a lot of folks around me (on Twitter, at work) have chosen this Advent of Code to pick up Rust, and I've got big FOMO energy, so, let's see where this goes.

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