Getting good at SNES games through DLL injection

Are you ever confronted with a problem and then think to yourself "wait a minute, I know how to code?" — that's exactly what happened there.

In this video, we keep dying in games emulated with Snes9X, and decide it's too much work to take our hands from the controller to the keyboard and back to save and load the game state.

So we decide to add a feature to Snes9X that many other emulators have, but that's not the point: mostly, we show in practice how we can modify and improve software by injecting a DLL into it, all written in Rust.

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I'm in ur address space

Hey Notepad! Nice process you got there. Would be a shame if someone were to... butt in.

In this video, we learn about applications and processes and threads, and use Win32 APIs to create a remote thread in another process, running into all kinds of complications on the way there.

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