rock 0.9.7 + new website

This is going to be a short one.

Basically, since February, both shamanas, fredreichbier and I have putting way too much work into the latest iteration of rock, an ooc compiler written in ooc.

I have the pleasure to announce that version 0.9.7, codename pacino is now out, as you can plainly see on the new website:

You can read the release notes to learn what has changed, but basically expect a lot of fixes, some new APIs, and awesome backtraces.


I won't discuss in details what's new on this blog post, mostly because you can read about it elsewhere, but I will answer this one question: why make a whole new website, rather full of content (about 35 thousand words), and entirely in secret?

Well, as I've mentioned before, I'm not ready to start marketing ooc again. However, sometimes people take an interest in it, and well, now there's a place to read about it.

Apart from teaching the basics, then the advanced parts of the language, and explaining how to use all the modules in the SDK (that was long to write and prompted a few refactorings...), it also answers more historical questions.


rock 0.9.7 is the result of 8 months of work, and the website was done in 9 weeks. It was a challenge I set to myself, to finally help with the shortage of docs in the ooc world, and I'm glad I've done it.

Maybe now I can finally concentrate on games again.

(P.S: the website's source is available on Github and I'll consider pull requests.)

(P.P.S: Many thanks to Denis Defreyne for his graceful permission to use a web design.)

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