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ooc generics and flawed designs

ooc is perhaps one of my proudest achievements, but at the same time it's one of the most annoying thorns in my side.

The main reason is that its design is flawed, and some things can't be easily fixed at this point. Now don't get me wrong: every design is flawed to some extent. Design, either when done by a lone coder, or by a committee, never comes out "perfect" — ignoring the fact there is no universal/objective measure of "perfectness".

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Fast font packing for fun and profit

Being creative is hard work, let's go optimizing instead! My graphics engine dye was pretty naive about displaying text, and it was wasteful. Let's see how I made it all better with this one weird tip.

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The quest for ooc.vim

I've spent the past few weeks after rock 0.9.8's release working on some of the neglected aspects of ooc, namely tooling support and performance.

My kingdom for a vim plug-in!

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rock 0.9.8 is out

A little less than two months after the previous release, I'm happy to announce that the ooc compiler rock 0.9.8, codename columbia is now out.

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And then there were fewer bugs


This deals with rock internals, so fasten your seatbelts and expect many weird things along the way. I'm not necessarily proud of the state of the implementation, I'm just rolling with it and trying to improve it gradually rather than throw everything away.

An error out of nowhere

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rock 0.9.7 + new website

This is going to be a short one.

Basically, since February, both shamanas, fredreichbier and I have putting way too much work into the latest iteration of rock, an ooc compiler written in ooc.

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oocdoc, Part 4 — sourcepath

In the previous article, We've built a nagaqueen-based tool that can parse one ooc file, detect class declarations and print its doc strings. Today, we're making a bit of infrastructure for our app to support more sizable projects.

Source path and lib folders

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sam 0.2.0 released

Today I decided to release sam 0.2.0. There are only a handful of new features in there but it's still releaseworthy! See the previous sam announcement for more information on the tool itself.

Source path and lib folders

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oocdoc, Part 3 — parsing

In the previous article, I gave brummi a go. However, we've seen that it still doesn't fit our requirements: we need a tool that's fast, easy to install and configure, produces beautiful and usable docs.

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The shortest ooc quine

A few days ago I posted an ooc quine. But while browing HackerNews, I found an even shorter one. The shortest!

Here it is, in its full glory

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oocdoc, Part 2 — brummi

In the previous article, we saw how to use NaturalDocs, a language-agnostic documentation generator. Today we'll see how to use brummi, a tool specific to ooc, written by Friedrich Weber.

Generating .json files

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An ooc quine

While preparing my next post about ooc documentation yet again, I stumbled upon an old ooc quine of mine. Here it is in integrality for your pleasure:

q := 34 as Char l := [ "q := 34 as Char" "l := [" "]" "for (i in 0..2) {" " l[i] println()" "}" "for (i in 0..12) {" " q print(); l[i] print(); q println()" "}" "for (i in 2..12) {" " l[i] println()" "}" ] for (i in 0..2) { l[i] println() } for (i in 0..12) { q print(); l[i] print(); q println() } for (i in 2..12) { l[i] println() }
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oocdoc, Part 1 — NaturalDocs

Documentation in ooc land has sucked for quite some time. The standard response is pretty much: "use the code, Luke!" — which is fine when doing small projects that don't matter much, but not so when you want to get serious.

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rock 0.9.6 is on the loose!

Just 8 days after the last release, rock 0.9.6 is out.

To update, run git pull && make rescue as usual. To install from scratch, clone the repo, cd into it, and run make rescue from there - it'll download the latest bootstrap, compile itself from C, then recompile itself from ooc.

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Android development with rock 0.9.5

rock 0.9.5 is out! It's the meanest, slimmest, baddest rock release yet.

To update, run git pull && make rescue as usual. To install from scratch, clone the repo, cd into it, and run make rescue from there - it'll download the latest bootstrap, compile itself from C, then recompile itself from ooc.

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sam, homebrew-mingw, etc.

I want to write blog posts, but right now I have too much to do.

So instead, here are bullet points:

  • I wrote an ooc tool named sam, which helps you keep your git repos up-to-date, and helps to remind you what to push when switching workstations. It's pretty neat, and portable.

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The perils of ooc arguments

The ooc language is known to be friendly to C libraries, and we have a slew of them covered on GitHub, but one common hurdle is how to correctly declare extern functions.

Argument types

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Having fun with ooc

Unfortunately, the ooc language could have better documentation. In the meantime, I'd like to blog about about some features that might not be very well-known.

Nested functions

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Cross-platform game distribution

ooc makes it easy to compile your application on all major platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux) - the compiler itself runs there, and the SDK supports all these platforms with basic functionality: data structures, file handling, time handling, networking, etc.

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Ludum Dare #25 Post-mortem

Last week-end, I participated to Ludum Dare for the fourth time in a row!

Downloads: Linux (64) | OS/X | Windows


So here is our entry: Legithief. The backstory is simple, yet cunning: you are an ordinary thief practicing ordinary acts of thievery in the houses of ordinary people to make a living. But one day.. you are quietly robbing yet another home, when you are suddenly smashed in the head with a bat.

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AOT vs JIT: Why don't we do both?

I wanted to take some time to write about a piece of software I've been working on lately, just so you know how I've been spending the last few weeks.


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