Dynamic symbol resolution
Feb 2, 2020
36 minute read

Let's pick up where we left off: we had just taught elk to load not only an executable, but also its dependencies, and then their dependencies as well.

We discovered that ld-linux walked the dependency graph breadth-first, and so we did that too. Of course, it's a little bit overkill since we only have one dependency, but, nevertheless, elk happily loads our executable and its one dependency:

$ ./target/debug/elk ./samples/hello-dl
Loading "/home/amos/ftl/elk/samples/hello-dl"
Found RPATH entry "/home/amos/ftl/elk/samples"
Loading "/home/amos/ftl/elk/samples/libmsg.so"
Process {
    search_path: [
    objects: [
        Object {
            path: "/home/amos/ftl/elk/samples/hello-dl",
            base: 00400000,
        Object {
            path: "/home/amos/ftl/elk/samples/libmsg.so",
            base: 00400000,
    objects_by_path: {
        "/home/amos/ftl/elk/samples/hello-dl": 0,
        "/home/amos/ftl/elk/samples/libmsg.so": 1,

Something doesn't look quite right though - right now they have the same base address. Of course, this is a half-lie: we haven't mapped either of these into memory yet, so it's not like there's a conflict yet. But we're definitely going to have to pick different memory addresses.

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