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  • Prelude — itch v25 postmortem, part 0

    Back in August of 2017, I started writing an article about my work on the app. I quickly realized one article would not cut it.

    So I wrote a second. And a third. And a fourth. In August of 2017, I was pretty sure I was nearly done with the work. It looked “pretty...

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  • A bit of perspective — itch v25 postmortem, part 1

    It’s a bit daunting to write a postmortem for the v25 release of the desktop app.

    In part because, it being mostly a reliability/performance update, it’s not press-friendly. But also, because there’s so much to share!

    Before I jump into specific...

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  • Development environment — itch v25 postmortem, part 2

    One of my goals with the v25 release was to make it much easier to develop, test, and distribute the app.

    Base tools

    I typically develop the itch app under Windows 10 or a Debian-based Linux.

    The set-up is mostly the same for both OSes. You’ve got your standard unix...

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  • Testing — itch v25 postmortem, part 3

    We’ve just taken a look at the development for v25 of the itch app, so it’s time to take a look at some testing infrastructure.

    Unit tests

    When I started working on the app, I was happy to get anything running at all. But it became clear pretty quickly that...

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  • Ludum Dare 44 post-mortem

    So, I tried doing Ludum Dare 44, and I gave up on it, and I feel like absolute crap so I’m going to attempt to write these feelings away in a celebratory post-mortem “I failed!” post.

    In typical me fashion, this post is going to be a jolly mix of a lot of...

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