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Productionizing our poppler build

I was a bit anxious about running our poppler meson build in CI, because it's the real test, you know? "Works on my machine" only goes so far, things have a tendency to break once you try to make them reproducible.

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Porting poppler to meson

It took a hot minute.

Try several weeks.

Well, yeah. I got to contribute to a bunch of open-source projects in the meantime though, so I'm fairly pleased with it!

  • libffi (for static linking)
  • cairo (more static linking!)
  • proxy-libintl (more static linking!)
  • expat (static linking strikes again)
  • poppler (for file descriptor stuff not properly gated on Windows, closed in favor of a similar MR)
  • glib (work in progress, involves thread-local storage and dynamic linker/loader cursedness)
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