Everything about elf

Fine, we'll relocate our own binary!

Welcome back to the eighteenth and final part of "Making our own executable packer".

In the last article, we had a lot of fun. We already had a "packer" executable, minipak, which joined together stage1 (a launcher), and a compressed version of whichever executable we wanted to pack.

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Running a self-relocatable ELF from memory

Welcome back!

In the last article, we did foundational work on minipak, our ELF packer.

It is now able to receive command-line arguments, environment variables, and auxiliary vectors. It can parse those command-line arguments into a set of options. It can make an ELF file smaller using the LZ4 compression algorithm, and pack it together with stage1, our launcher.

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Everything but ELF

And we're back!

In the last article, we thanked our old code and bade it adieu, for it did not spark joy. And then we made a new, solid foundation, on which we planned to actually make an executable packer.

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Between libcore and libstd

You're still here! Fantastic.

I have good news, and bad news. The good news is, we're actually going to make an executable packer now!

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In the bowels of glibc

Good morning, and welcome back to "how many executables can we run with our custom dynamic loader before things get really out of control".

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