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Game Design: The Binding of Isaac

In hours, I have played more of The Binding of Isaac than any other game in my Steam library. Edmund McMillen said he wasn't expecting it to be a hit, and has since proceeded to be proven thoroughly wrong.

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The Choice Ep. 1: Debriefing

To the programmers

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Damian Sommer on The Yawhg

Damian Sommer did a casual AMA on Reddit recently, about his upcoming game, The Yawhg. I got to ask him a few questions. Here's what he had to say.

What brought you out of your usual "let's make fucked up platformers" style?

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The iterative nature of art

"Some people don't understand the iterative nature of art, design and game design."

"Instead, they try to reach the final version on the first try and get frustrated when it's not as good as they thought."

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The best way to learn

"The best way to learn is to just go out and make stuff, collaborate with people who are better than you at different things, and experiment."

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